Partnership with Chuck E Cheese:
Blow The Whistle On Autism, Blow The Whistle On Cancer

The Lighthouse:

Here we partner with the Cincinnati  Dental Society on behalf of the Kyle Willis Oral Care Program. Pepperminte Patti and the Cincinnati Dental Society work together to educate the youth at the Lighthouse Community School about the importance of taking care of their teeth.    What an awesome day!
Our Daily Bread:  The Grooveminte Girls along with Bootsy, our board members, and volunteers serve food to the homeless for Thanksgiving.

The Grooveminte Girls are Bully Free...The Way To Be!
We take a stand & lend a hand!
On the move, coming to your school soon!

Please contact us at 513-528-3404
Let us share with you that niceness is priceless as we all cheer, bullying is not accepted here!

Groovy Magic,

Pepperminte Patti

Partnership with John P. Parker School:
The Grooveminte Girls and YesGroove have a curriculum in place where we Blow The Whistle On BullyingType your paragraph here.

Mission Statement:

To lift the self esteem of girls and women around the world through music, the arts or whatever you do in your world.  

We Stand Up, Speak Out, and Blow the Whistle on Bullying!

Skating Party: 

Raising money for the GG`s


Yellow Ribbon:  

The GG`s pack boxes to send care packages to the soldiers.

Grooveminte Girl Cheer Camp

Women Of Zion Caretakers of the Grooveminte Girl program as they do community outreach.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Megan Piphus with her puppets & Pepperminte Patti read stories to the